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Ocsh was a sentient spaceship encountered by Darkhawk. At one time he had been an alien humanoid scientist who had labored in the discovery of other dimensions. He was supposedly the one who discovered the dimension known as Null Space. He was part of Dargin Bokk's project to create a series of Darkhawk armors. When the scientists revolted against Bokk and took control of the armors Mandeja was killed by Bokk and Bokk later used her armor to blow a hole in their space ship. Bokk's host body was destroyed as were many of his cronies and he was stuck in the Evilhawk armor. Ocsh was trying to make repairs to his Darkhawk armor when he was caught in an explosion switching between his normal self and his Darkhawk body. As a result Osch's mind merged with the ship.[1]

The Darkhawk armors and their hosts were stored on Ocsh's ship in Null Space. Ocsh came to see himself as the caretaker for the Darkhawk armors as the Darkhawks and hosts were stored on his ship after they swapped places. After Portal killed Kistur, Kistur's body was stored on Ocsh's ship while the Mahari Brothers brought the Darkhawk body minus the amulet with them to every star system they went to. Two bodies were stored in Ocsh's ship that at that time did not belong to hosts, the Mahari Brothers merged Kistur's corpse with these 2 armors to create Overhawk. After Evilhawk's defeat his psyche was stuck on Ocsh's ship and he tried to recreate his Evilhawk body until he was defeated by Ocsh and Darkhawk but Ocsh did not survive. From this point on Ned Dobbs operated Ocsh's ship. [2]



The Darkhawk bodies and their hosts swapped places in Darkhawk perches on Ocsh's ship. When a host became a Darkhawk their original body would be stored in a perch and when they swapped back the Darkhawk body would be stored in the perch.


  • It should be noted that the revelations regarding Darkhawk and the Fraternity of Raptors make Osch's entire existence suspect. His origin is certainly a lie, and he may have been nothing more than a hallucination suffered by Chris Powell.[3]

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