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Quote1.png I have a PhD in theoretical physics and I was kidnapped by the Electro Army to make a study of the web. There aren't many people in any universe who knows more about it than me, and I can see it's sick. It needs a doctor. Quote2.png
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Octavia was a member of the Young Avengers. One of her greatest foes was Spider-Woman. One day, an army of Electros broke into her home and threatened her parents, forcing Octavia to go with them. They took her captive and had her and the Doctors Octopi study the Web of Life and Destiny.[2] Four months later, Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy freed the captive Octopi. Octavia escaped with her and she joined the Web-Warriors.[3]

Having discovered that someone on Earth-616 was using the Inheritors' cloning technology and fearing that they could use it to free themselves, the Web-Warriors went to Earth-616 to investigate. The person responsible was the Otto Octavius of that reality and Octavia seeing that he was her first counterpart interested in helping others, she wanted to try to reason with him. Octavia discovered that the Inheritors were indeed about to return, but she didn't have time to stop them. The Web-Warriors managed to escape their enemies but believed they had lost The Spider-Man and Stacy.[4]

Returning to the Loomworld, Otto declared that an army had to be assembled and the Inheritors killed. Octavia agreed with her counterpart and chose to join his group. Octavia checked out Otto's Spider-Bots and helped him find new recruits[4] Octavia then convinced Otto to accept the help of the Scarlet Spider and along with the rest of the team, infiltrated their enemies' base to sabotage the cloning technology. When they were discovered they fled, having realized their plan. [5]

Octavia later learned of Solus' resurrection and the destruction of the Web of Life and Destiny and informed the team. During the Spider-Army's final battle against the Inheritors, Octavia was taken away by Otto who, with her help and that of the Scarlet Spider, found a way to transfer the consciousnesses of the Inheritors into newborn bodies, devoid of powers and memories.[6]



Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of the Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Otto Octavius of the Earth-616.

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