Odessa Drake was raised with the traditions of the New York branch of the Thieves Guild, a secret society of criminals whose influence had greatly waned in prior decades. Following the death of her father, Castillo Drake, Odessa continued her father's search for immortality, succeeding when she made a deal with a demon.[1] After stepping into leadership, she set out to return the Guild to prominence. Her tactics were ruthless, and consisted mostly on the assassination of other criminals in debt with the Thieves Guild.[2] As an attestation of the Thieves Guild's rebirth and a reminder of their power, Drake orchestrated the theft of pieces of equipment and gear from members of the superhero community.[3]

As a member of the Thieves Guild, the Black Cat knew of their plan, and believed crippling the superhero community was too extreme of a measure since the safety of the general public depended on it. Felicia enlisted Spider-Man's help to infiltrate the Upstate New York safe house where the Guild was guarding the stolen goods. Odessa became aware of the Black Cat's plan and confronted her and Spider-Man of her betrayal.[2] Drake offered Felicia to make amends if she joined their side, but she refused, prompting Odessa to order her henchmen to take her down and kill Spider-Man. Odessa eventually tried to send Spider-Man and Black Cat into their magically-secure vault alongside their loot. Spider-Man managed to use one of the stolen items, Ms. Marvel's phone, to alert the heroes, prompting Drake and the Thieves Guild to flee before the spell was complete. Despite their plan to keep the loot having failed, Drake was satisfied that the heist successfully put the Thieves Guild back on the map.[4]


Immortality: By making a deal with a demon, Odessa gained immortality.[1]

  • Odessa Drake is one of the wealthiest people on the American East Coast.[3]
  • According to Black Cat's mentor Black Fox, Odessa has romantic feelings for the Black Cat.[1]
  • Odessa pronounces the name of Spider-Man as "Spiderman" without using the hyphen, which irritates the latter.

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