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Odin is the life source of Asgard. To ensure Asgard would have a future in the event of his death he imbued different relics such as the Norn Stones and Mjolnir with pieces of his power. At some point Odin mated with a frost giantess and fathered Loki in an attempt to forge peace between the two realms.

Thousands of years ago Asgard was in a long-war with the Frost Giants. To end centuries of warfare Odin had Mjolnir forged and imbued it with the power to control the weather. He gave it to his son Thor who used its power to break Jotunheim and end the war. Odin celebrated Asgard's victory and is said to have imposed harsh conditions on the peace treaty.

Following Loki's betrayal by the theft of the Norn Stones and murder of Balder Odin banished him from Asgard. Loki returned centuries later leading a combined force of frost giants and Norn stone empowered Nazis. Asgard was overrun. Odin imprisoned Loki in the Room With No Doors for the murder of Balder, but was quickly killed by the leader of the frost giants Mammon. Thor slew Mammon, but with Odin's death Asgard ceased to be.

Odin has planned for the destruction of Asgard and took steps to see to it that Thor and Balder would be reincarnated as humans. Odin planned to revive Asgard while having Thor serve as an inspiration to make Earth into the world it could be. While Thor was imprisoned he often prayed to his father for help but often they went unanswered. Eventually when the Liberators attacked Thor continued to ask for Odin help. This triggered the return of Odin and Asgard restoring Thor's godhood. Later during the fight with Loki Odin sent an army of Asgardian warriors to save Thor and the Ultimates. After Thor defeated Loki he was sent to Odin for punishment.

He later moved Asgard to Earth months after the Ultimatum, but was killed along the rest of the Asgardians (except Thor) by the Children of Tomorrow and, as the rest of the Asgardians, remained as a ghost only Thor can see.

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Odin's powers are unknown. At first, it was implied Odin had vast powers perhaps up to allowing him to alter reality such as creating a mortal identity for Thor. When finally revealed Odin seemed to have little overt power, but was shown to be capable of enchanting items with portions of his power. Such items can imbue others with power as long as he allowed it. Odin is also immortal in the sense his lifespan is far longer than a normal human. It was later revealed that Odin, along with the World Tree, serve as the sources of the chaotic mystical energy that empowers Asgardians such as Thor which he manages to maintain through tethers reaching through time and space that generates a constant connection.


  • While not making a physical appearance for an extremely long period in the Ultimate universe Odin's presence is strongly felt.
  • Odin was at first implied by far the most powerful being yet revealed in the Ultimate universe, seemingly far more powerful than either Thor or Loki or all the superheroes combined. Later stories would leave Odin's powers highly questionable, but far less powerful than originally implied.

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