Quote1 An eternity of suffering is the fate of those who challenge the Gods! Quote2
-- Odin src

Odin Borson was the leader of the gods of Asgard, and one of the most powerful individuals in the universe. In his earlier years, Odin was a brave and powerful warrior, but as he aged he became a more wise and caring figure- taking care of Thor and Loki. While Thor became a warrior not unlike his father in his younger years, Loki followed a more villainous path- eventually leading to Odin casting him out.

Loki forged an alliance with Doctor Doom and became one of the primary members of the Masters of Evil, who, unbeknownst to Odin, planned to steal the power of the All-Father and turn it against the world. Odin was taken by surprise when Loki lead a siege on Asgard with an army of Super Soldier Serum-enhanced trolls and failed experiments, and was forced to rely on the Ultimate Alliance for aid. While the Alliance fought through waves of enemies, Odin was captured by the villains along with his fellow Gods, and Doctor Doom was successfully able to transfer the powers of Odin into his body. The Alliance freed Odin from Doom's machines, but in his weakened state, he could not stop Doom himself.

When the Alliance defeated Doom by tapping into the Odinforce themselves, Odin's powers returned to him and he used his magic to summon Doctor Doom to Asgard- where he could torture the villain for centuries as a punishment for his transgressions against the people of Asgard.

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