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The history of Odin of Earth-788 is mostly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality however, in modern time he would not have a wife, the reason behind this remains unrevealed. In this reality, much like Earth-616, Odin would banish his son Thor to Earth, transforming him into the lame doctor Donald Blake as a lesson in humility. He would place Thor's hammer Mjolnir within a cave in Norway for him to recover in such a time he did learn humility.

However, in this reality this would not come to pass as the hammer would be discovered by Jane Foster who would use it's power to become Thordis. After clashing with Thordis, Loki would tell Odin that his son had return to Earth, prompting Odin to call Thor back to Asgard. When it was Thordis who instead returned in his sons place, Odin would be furious that mortal woman now wielded power that belong to his son. He would however decided that this was fated to happen and accept the reality of the situation. When Thordis would get into an altercation with the Warriors Three he would banish Thordis to Earth.

Odin would continue to watch over Thordis's activities and lament over the fate of things before eventually going into the Odinsleep. While he slept, Asgard would be attacked by Mangog a creature comprised of the souls Odin slain years ago. Mangog would seek to bring about Ragnarok by destroying the Odinsword but he would be held back by the combined efforts of Thordis, Sif and Donald Blake. Odin would awaken and use his Scepter Supreme to release the souls within Mangog, ending it's threat. In the aftermath of the battle, Odin would have Thordis turn Mjolnir over to Blake, reverting her back to normal and changing Blake back into Thor. In thanks for her part in preventing Ragnarok, Odin would transform Jane into a god and ask her to marry him. She would accept and they would soon be wed and rule over Asgard together.

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