Odin shared a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart until Jane Foster was given the powers of a god to see if she could join Thor on Asgard and Odin deemed her unfit and attempted to send her back to Earth. On Earth-81225, Thor rebelled against his father's order and was sent to Earth alongside Jane. Thor and the Avengers returned to Asgard and began to set out to go to war against Odin and his troops. Odin took on Loki as the leader of his forces, who requested the help of the Executioner. During the ensueing battle, Iron Man travelled to Odin and was able to call a truce but was killed by Loki before he could inform Thor. Enraged, he attacked Loki but found him empowered by Odin's magic (unbeknownst to Odin). Loki gained the upper hand but was stopped and killed by the Wasp. Thor blamed Odin and went to attack him so Odin attempted to remove his godly powers, but found they had been taken. Thor charged the palace but the Grand Vizier helped call a truce and Thor and Odin talked out their problems and it was reveled Odin had banished Jane because he was jealous of the love that had developed and wanted Thor back, before his time on Earth. Thor did not forgive his father and took a band of Asgardians and left the palace forever and set up his own palace far away from Odin and stated he would never return.[1]

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