The Odinsword is a name that applied to several Asgardian weapons kept by Odin.

One version is also known as the Over Sword of Asgard. It is a special weapon; a giant-sized sword that, if ever unsheathed, it was said, that "the end of the universe is at hand". One story on the origin of this weapon was it was created from a cursed Nibelung ring of gold that would bring about the end of Asgard. Greed for the powerful ring had cost many lives including a mortal incarnation of Thor due to Odin's greed for it. Upon reviving Thor, Odin sacrificed himself to atone for putting Asgard at risk for his greed and split the ring to act as bands to hang himself on the Yggdrasil. While hanging he learned of the coming of the Celestials. He freed himself and to try and prevent the ring's curse transformed it into the gigantic Odinsword since the curse was too powerful for him to purify.[2] Over the years several enemies of Asgard attempted to draw the Odinsword to destroy Asgard including Mangog.[citation needed] Odin used the sword as a weapon for the Destroyer armor after it absorbed the souls of all of Asgard. Despite its power it was ineffective against the Celestials. Thor threw it into the Celestial Arishem the Judge who was unharmed. Arishem analyzed the sword and then preceded to melt it, exorcising the Nibelung curse in the process.[2]

Another Odinsword was revealed during the Serpent's War. During the crisis with Skadi Odin presented a sword to Thor claiming it was the Odinsword revealing its true name to be "Ragnarok", "the end of all things" prior to the final confrontation with Cul Borson. Odin stated it was the only weapon that could defeat Cul, since no other weapon could.[1]


  • A third possibility for an Odinsword appeared in the World-Eaters storyline. Thor used a giant sword to cut through space/time of the World Tree, but this was never officially called the Odinsword in the comic and only later in one of the pre-issue descriptions.

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