Officer Ryan was a member of the New York City Police Department in the 1940s. He frequently worked with Detective Mike Trapp whose specialty was solving murder mysteries.

He aided Mike Trapp in some of his earliest chronicled cases including: Exposing Jeff Wolfgang as his uncles killer[1], determining that disgruntled employee Mr. Casey was responsible for robbing the Smith Warehouse Office[2], that Peter Van Stone staged a kidnapping to ransom money from his rich uncle to pay his gambling debts[3], that a hotel bellhop murdered millionaire playboy Henry Richard[4], apprehend Charley Dine[5], and lastly apprehending gambler Lucky Adams[6].

Following the Lucky Adams case, Officer Ryan no longer associated with Mike Trapp as he was seemingly replaced by crime scene photographer Pepper Burns.

Officer Ryan's subsequent activities remain unrecorded.


Officer Ryan carried typical paraphernalia commonly used by uniformed police officers in New York City during the 1940s.


Ryan carried a gun

Due to inconsistencies with writing, Ryan's rank and profession has been erratic. Captain America Comics #35 identifies Ryan as a private detective instead of a police officer, while Captain America Comics #36 and 37 identify Ryan as a police detective. All other appearances he has referred to him as a regular uniformed police officer.

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