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The Handbook provides character histories and power descriptions for Marvel's characters.


Mark Gruenwald's editorial column, "Contant Dilemma", discusses the issues with the entries of the members of X-Factor in the first three issues, and the general issue of spoilers and upcoming costume changes in general. Beast's entry in issue 2 retained his blue-furred form as they chose not to spoil his return to his human form in X-Factor #3. Gruenwald also noted that the team's costumes were changed by the creative team on X-Factor after seeing the Angel and Cyclops entries published, much to Gruenwald's chagrin, as the change invalidated the main images of those two entries. Gruenwald opted to take the matter in stride, as he himself had altered Hawkeye's costume in the first series, creating a variation that was never used. Corrected black-and-white lineart of Angel's and Cyclops' costumes were included in the editorial.

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