Not much is known about the man who called himself Ogar of the Ocean. Active in the 1940s, he was obsessed with ruling the Earth's oceans. With his own submarine and drugs that could expand the size of single celled organisms into massive creatures. He saw his only obstacle in his way being the Sub-Mariner and sought to eliminate him. Incredibly enough, he managed to get the Nazis to help him in his plans.

Issuing a challenge to Namor while he was staying at Palm Beach, Namor was led on a wild goose chase to a local beauty contest, and Daytona Beach where he fought Ogar's massive single celled creatures. Spotting Ogar's sub, Namor boarded it but was subdued by Ogar and his Nazi allies. While Ogar was distracted, Namor managed to knock over a vat of acid, compromising the integrity of the vessel. Namor escaped with Ogar and turned him over to the authorities.

As Ogar was being led away by the authorities he vowed to get revenge against the Sub-Mariner,[1] however Ogar has not been seen since.


Ogar used a drug that caused single celled organisms to grow to gigantic size.


Ogar had his own private submarine.


Ogar wielded a trident.

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