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Ogord was a male member of the Arcturan race who was born on their homeworld, Arcturus IV, sometime in the 20th century. As was the custom among his people, Ogord was drafted into their military, the Reavers of Arcturus, when he came of age. At some point he married the woman Salaan and they had a daughter who they named Aleta. However, for reasons that have not been revealed, the couple were unable to have a son of their own.

In the early 21st century, when Aleta was still a young girl, Ogord was part of a mission to exterminate the last of the "mutants" who inhabited the ruins of an ancient city. After parachuting down from a dirigible, Ogord entered an old laboratory and saw a female mutant holding an infant in her arms. As Ogord approached them, the female placed the infant on a table just before Ogord slew her. As Ogord prepared to use his blade to kill the infant as well, he mistook the seemingly-normal child for one of his own race and spared his life. Once all of the mutants had been killed, Ogord presented his find to his commander who agreed to let Ogord keep the infant because Ogord and his wife could have no son of their own. Ogord then brought the child home and introduced him to his new family.[1]

Ogord and Salaan named their new son "Stakar" and expected that he would grow up to become a strong warrior. However, Stakar proved to be a disappointment to Ogord because he preferred to spend his time thinking instead of training. Eventually, when Stakar was a young man about to face his First Contest, he chose to travel to the forbidden ruins and Aleta followed him.[1]

A week later, after learning that his children had gone missing, Ogord led a patrol to the ruins to find them. Aleta spotted them approaching and her fear of what he would do to them led her to do something rash that caused her to merge with the Hawk God which then burst out from the underground temple where it had stood for centuries. After the Hawk God reached the surface and began destroying the Arcturian air force, Stakar managed to initiate a merger with it that resulted in a multinuclear explosion and implosion. Investigating the smooth plain of fused glass that was left at ground zero, Ogord and his men discovered Stakar standing at the center. As Ogord demanded to know what was going on, Stakar suddenly transformed into Aleta and then transformed again into a blue-clad being who called himself Starhawk and claimed to be Stakar and Aleta. When Starhawk stated that he was the power that Arcturus had been, Ogord was delighted, believing that with that power the stars would be theirs for the taking, but Starhawk refused, stating that his power would never be used to conquer. As Starhawk flew away, Ogord shouted after him to come back and swore that, if he abandoned them, Ogord would never rest until he had his head.[2]

As the centuries passed, Ogord survived and rose in rank until he became the High Commander of the Reavers.

In 3016 A.D., an elite Reaver starship stumbled upon Starhawk's asteroid lair and discovered the existence of his three children, Tara, Sita and John. On Ogord's orders, the three children were brought to Arcturus IV where testing revealed that they possessed latent power of unusual strength and could become psychic vampires. Ogord used headbands that mentally controlled them to press his own grandchildren into imperial service so that they would kill Starhawk.[3]

In his headquarters on Arcturus IV, Ogord received reports about the ongoing action being taken against the starship Captain America that was carrying Starhawk and his allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy. While watching a video transmission showing Starhawk escaping from the force-globe in which the Captain America had been trapped, Ogord gloated to his grandchildren about how, after a millennium, he had at last lured his children home so that they could be killed.[1]

Later, as he watched Starhawk hurtling through the Arcturian system, Ogord decided the time had come to kill Starhawk's friends so he ordered the Arcturian Scout Ship Kammar to increase their disruptor output to the ultimate. The resulting protonucleic disruptor pulse struck the Captain America and destroyed it, reducing it to wreckage. However, the Guardians were able to survive in an escape module which they used to board the Kammar. They then easily subdued the entire crew and commandeered the vessel.[4]

Once Starhawk had reached Arcturus IV and blasted his way into Ogord's complex, Ogord confronted him, showed him the children and ordered them to attack. As Starhawk fell before the attack, Ogord stood over him and revealed that he had released the children's latent ability to feed on the life-forces of other beings. Ogord then commanded the entranced children to continue stealing away Starhawk's soul, and the children swiftly aged into adults as they absorbed Starhawk's life force. However, before the greatly-weakened Starhawk could be killed, the Guardians arrived and Ogord commanded the children to continue their attack but to protect themselves at all costs. Unable to penetrate the force field that the children had erected around themselves and their parent, the Guardians turned their attention to Ogord. When Charlie-27 attacked him, Ogord's cry for him to "Stop" was interpreted by the children as a command so they stopped their attack and lowered their force field. Advised by Yondu that the headbands were what was controlling the children, Vanca Astro used a psycho-kinetic blast to knock them off the children's heads. Freed from Ogord's mind control, Tara, Sita and John realized what they had been doing and the shock caused their accelerated aging to resume. Before anything could be done, their parasitic powers turned inwards and reduced their bodies to lifeless dust.[3]

As the Guardians escaped with Starhawk, the shock of seeing his hopes of conquering the universe destroyed broke High Commander Ogord who remained kneeling on the floor as he grabbed at handfuls of the dust that had been his grandchildren.[5]



As an Arcturan, Ogord had an extremely long lifespan and, although showing signs of age, was active as the leader of the Reavers of Arcturus when he was over one thousand years old.

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