The Ogre of Mills Forest is a creature of legend, although his past is unknown. It is unspecified if he is truly an ogre or if he is a human or other similar species. He gained his legend by living in Mills Forest, capturing those foolish enough to wander into his domain. A cannibal, he ate their bodies and used their blood to create a legion of Boboes, small creatures that were voracious flesh eaters as well.

The Ogre's legend and a series of recent killings attracted the attention of the Angel, who went into Mills Forest to investigate. Finding the Ogre's home, the Angel found that the Ogre had recently captured a couple and was preparing to feast upon with his Boboes. The Angel attempted to stop him, only to be captured himself. The Ogre then took the Angel and the captured girl to the basement of his home and explained how he created his Boboes and that they would live so long as he was still alive.

Breaking free of his bonds, the Angel attacked the Ogre but was forced to break off the attack when a swarm of Boboes attacked his female companion. The Ogre fled but was soon followed to the upper levels of his home by the Angel. The Angel tossed one of the Ogre's own Boboes at him, clipping the cannibal across the head. The blow caused the Ogre to fall off the roof of his home and to his death. Upon the Ogre's death, the Boboes blinked out of existence.[1]


Boboes (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 32 0001

A Boboe

Through unknown, but possibly mystical means, the Ogre can transform human blood into his legion of Boboes by using a pipe of unknown origins. These Boboes were solid creatures that could float in the air and were voraciously hungry for human flesh. They followed the Ogres commands but could also act independently of themselves. They appeared to be in destructible, and their only weakness coming from the mortality of their creator. Upon the Ogre's death, the Boboes disappeared.


The Ogre used a special pipe of unknown composition and origins to create his Boeboes. Blowing human blood through the pipe created the creatures.

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