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Ohio is a Midwestern state of the United States. Part of the Great Lakes region, Ohio has long been a cultural and geographical crossroads.

20th Century

Ohio saw a number of super-humans active during the later half of the 20th Century. When the Ohio River flooded parts of the State in 1940, Professor Philo Zog dispatched his robot Electro to the region to assist the flood ravaged citizens. The robot also put a stop to Boss Sapro and his gang who were using the flood as an opportunity to loot homes[1].

The regular flooding of the Ohio River later inspired the Nazi sympathizer named Dolvin to form the Cult of the River God. The cult was led to believe that the so-called "River God" would punish the United States for fighting against the Nazis by causing the Ohio River to flood. Unknown to the followers was that Dolvin had built a series of tunnels to create this disaster artificially. His plans were foiled when the Sub-Mariner investigated the cult[2].

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