The Ohio State University (OSU), is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio. It is the third-largest university campus in the United States of America.


On a normal day on campus a young student named Ulysses Cain approached his crush, a fellow student named Michelle, and tried to start a conversation to ask her out. The attention of the other students on campus, as well as that of Michelle, and eventually Ulysses shifted towards the Terrigen Cloud that has become a part of the Earth's atmosphere and traveled with the wind currents. The Terrigen Cloud loomed on the horizon, moving towards the college. It ultimately engulfed the campus, leaving both Ulysses and Michelle wrapped in cocoons, undergoing Terrigenesis. The zone swept by the Terrigen Cloud had attracted the press, bystanders, and authorities. While one of the students was being interviewed, Cain came out of his cocoon, without any superficial changes; however, when Michelle emerged from her cocoon almost immediately thereafter, she had been turned into an enraged red-skinned beast with wings and a tail.[1]

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