Oizys was the daughter of Olympian Nyx.[1]

Modern days

During a game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger, the Earth was removed from orbit. It was returned at the end of the challenge, but its removal ended Oizys's mother Nyx's containment.[1] In revenge she set out to cause night to fall throughout the Universe, even on planets with multiple suns and bases contained within suns.[2]

Taking revenge on the Olympian gods at Olympus, Nyx and her children killed the gods that were there. Lastly, Oizys put Zeus in a state of despair, which allowed Nyx the opportunity to retrieve the locations of her soul's Night Shards from him and then kill him.

Nyx then sent Oizys' siblings to search and retrieve the shards, while she and Oizys remained on Olympus, awaiting the arrival of Zeus's son Hercules and his fellow Avengers. Oizys helped her mother fight the Avengers, causing despair and misery in Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Voyager.[1]


Oizys manages to survive long after her other siblings have perished by hiding near her mother, Nyx. Eventually, she was drawn out by the Avengers and causes them to all hallucinate. She even caused Conan to see the ghost of Bêlit and makes Hercules face his fears. However, this fails, and Hercules broke free from her influence before squashing her.[3]


Oizys can infect people with misery, feelings of utter loss of hope, and sense of worthlessness.[1]

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