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The Rhino[]

Oksana (Russian: Оксана Сицевич) was a waitress at a diner located in the first bus stop after leaving Ryker's Island, where generally ex-convicts dined after being released from prison. One of the ex-convicts she knew was Aleksei Sytsevich, the former Rhino.

Later on she got fired for being mean to the customers. Aleksei encountered her and asked her to have dinner with him. They eventually got married and lived in a small apartment in Yonkers.

When a new Rhino emerged to kill Aleksei so that he could become the one true Rhino, Oksana was one of many victims of the new Rhino's destruction. Oksana death's at the hands of the new Rhino was one of the reasons why Aleksei returned to his criminal identity, Rhino.[2]

Dead No More[]

A clone of Oksana which retained all of her memories was brought to life by the new Jackal in order to persuade the retired Rhino to join his enterprise.[3] This clone eventually perished together with many of the Jackal's new clones,[4] leaving Aleksei emotionally devastated once again. Even though he initially reacted violently to the death of Oksana's clone, Rhino managed to that grief into motivation to move forward and set out to become the kind of man Oksana would've wanted him to be.[5]

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