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Olaf Olsen while he was human.

Olaf Olsen was the assistant of Professor Schultz who was a Nazi spy active in the United States. Schultz and Olaf worked out of the Widmver Museum where Schultz conducted strange experiments from a secret lab and attempted to indoctrinate Olsen to believe in the Aryan ideal. Olsen confided in his sister Erda -- an employee who worked at an American defense plant -- of Schutlz's strange experiments.

In the summer of 1943, Olsen accompanied the professor an Antarctic expedition where they found the body of a dinosaur encased in ice. The creature was preserved in a state of suspended animation and quickly brought back to the museum. There, it was freed from the ice but was stuck in a coma-like state. Schultz intended to use the creature to attack munitions factories in the United States. Without a brain to control the creature, Schultz had a group of Nazi spies subdue Olaf and has his brain surgically implanted into the body of the dinosaur and unleashed upon the city.

With Olsen partially believing Schultz's ideals, he was discovered at Schultz's secret hideout by his sister, Captain America and Bucky. When Erda was endangered during the fight with the two heroes, Olsen fled the scene. Later, he followed Schultz's orders to attack the Blainsville munitions factory and was no match for the soldiers placed there to stop them. By this time, Erda was captured and being held hostage by Schultz. When Captain America and Bucky tracked Olsen down, they explained this to him, and Olsen stormed off to find Schultz.

Tracking the Nazi spy to his home, Olsen used his massive body to destroy the spies' hideout, sending him fleeing once more. When Captain America and Bucky freed Erda from Schutlz's grasp, Olaf then grabbed Schultz and tossed his body off a cliff. Horrified by what he had become, Olsen then jumped off the cliff as well and fell to his death.

Captain America, wishing to spare his sister the horror of Olaf's true fate, told her that he died defending his country.[1]


As a dinosaur, Olsen was large in size, giving him an unknown level of superhuman strength strength. He was strong enough to easily smash buildings apart.


Olsen's brain was transplanted into a dinosaur that appeared to be part of the Tyrannosauridae family of dinosaurs. It had a long tail, sharp teeth, and claws.

It is entirely possible that the dinosaur found in Antarctica likely originated from the Savage Land. While the scientists who found the creature estimated it was trapped in the ice for a millions years, this is questionable given the later discovery of the Savage Land.

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