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Quote1.png You think you are Wolverine from 50 years from now and you think me dead. I am absolutely baffled. And I'm not a person who is often baffled. Either you are one of the most powerful psychics that has ever existed, putting together the most elaborate mindscape I have ever seen... (And if so, bravo. Really.) or you are certifiably insane... Quote2.png
Emma Frost

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• He may be an Old Man, but never before has the world needed Logan as much as it does now.

• The people he loved have become mere memories. The world that he loved has decayed, becoming a festering Wasteland.

• But in a world devoid of heroes, even someone who is the best there is at what he does may find themselves overmatched by evil.


  • Logan brings up the Thor Corps in the previous issue, yet expresses confusion when he encounters a member of the organization on top of the barrier in this one, asking, "What the Hell are you supposed to be? Why're you dressed like a dead man?"

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