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Appearing in "Past Lives: Part IV of IV"

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  • * Asmodeus' Mask, Cloak and Scepter
  • X-Uniforms
  • Asmodeus' Amulet (Reconstructed) (Last appearance)


Synopsis for "Past Lives: Part IV of IV"

Logan is back with his family in a past of an alternate future within the Wastelands. It's here that he learns that Asmodeus may have sent him back in time but he can't actually change the big stuff and that he'd end up having to watch his family die all over again. Meanwhile in the present Jean and Iceman bust into the New Jersey warehouse where Logan's unconscious body is being held to sell to the highest bidder with the notion that his body could be rewritten to work for them. Jean and Iceman take care of Asmodeus and the rest of the criminals while Logan spends his final moment with his family. His daughter Jadie gives him the now repaired Amulet as a gift and he uses it to return to the present.

Upon returning to the present, he throws the amulet into the Hudson and realizes that the sadness of his family's death was consuming his memories of them and that going back made him cherish the happy memories they provided and bring them to the forefront of his memories and that he needs to start living his life again.

Solicit Synopsis


• The event no true WOLVERINE fan wants to miss has all led to this moment!

• After re-living his very long life, OLD MAN LOGAN finds himself in the WASTELANDS…

• …but can he force himself to let history repeat itself?

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