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Quote1.png Before I came here, Maureen was safe. Just a little kid. Now she knows death. She knows chaos. I brought it to her. I brought it to her just like I did in the Wastelands. Just like I did to Mariko. To Jadie. To Scotty. To so many others. Deathstrike was right. I've lived too long. I have too many enemies. I wanted to protect Maureen. I wanted to save her from the pain I caused her in another life. But there's only one way to keep her and everyone else I got left safe and that's to stay as far away from them as I can. Deathstrike is still out there. Her and dozens more like her. But I'm done waiting for them to bring their chaos to me. From now on, I am chaos... and I'm coming for them all. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Bordertown: Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Maureen
  • Trish
  • Unnamed sheriff


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Bordertown: Conclusion"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• This is Logan at his most fundamental: back to the wall, his survival riding only on his wits, his determination and his Adamantium claws.

• When Lady Deathstrike and her murderous gang of Reavers follow Old Man Logan to the isolated town of Killhorn Falls, it's up to Logan to fend off his attackers while protecting the civilians—including the girl who will one day grow up and become his wife.

• It's the ultimate cage match...and EVERYTHING Old Man Logan cares about is on the line!

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