Pre-Cataclysmic Age

The exact datation of the Old Ones' origin is unknown, but given they were stated to live before the ancestors of man left the primordial seas, it can be considered that they predate the Age of Dragons and the Elder Days.

The Old Ones

All of what is known of the Old Ones were discovered by Conan in a Black Lotus-induced vision.

The Old Ones were a race of winged humanoids of "heroic proportions", mortals yet with an enormous life-span.

They built a colossal city on the banks of a wide river in an illimitable plain, before the ancestors of humanity exited the primordial seas.

Presumably until 20,000 BC, the Old Ones sacrificied in their temple. Beneath that temple, they hid their treasures, protected by traps.[1]

The fall

Eventually, the river and its shore-region altered, plains turned into swamps full of reptiles, and the fertiles meadows turned into forest, then jungles. Meanwhile, the earth shook and volcanoes erupted, causing the city to crumble and the river to run jet-black for days with some lethal substance from the depths.

The Old Ones drank of the river, many dying of it, while those who survived were gradually changed by the drinking, descending generation after generation into demon-like leather-winged creatures that extinguished themselves though cannibalism and blood-feuds, until only one survived.[1]

Hyborian Age

Early Hyborian Age


Age of Conan

Not even legends of the city survived into the Hyborian Age, though the city remained, on what became the banks of River Zarkheba, in Kush.



The Old Ones had a temple where they performed blood sacrifices.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Advanced Longevity: The Old Ones were extremely long-lived.[1]


Representatives: The Winged One


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