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human form

The man known only as Oldow was part of a carnival side show where he posed as a mindless brute who was incredibly strong but docile. However, Oldow was incredibly smart and was in some way conning his audiences and making a decent living with his performances. For unexplained reasons, on the night of a full moon, Oldow would transform into a bestial form and be filled with the lust for murder. One one particular night, this happened after another successful performance, and Oldow choked his partner to death before going on a rampage on the carnival grounds. His rampage was thwarted by the hero the Defender and his sidekick Rusty. The creature injured Rusty in the fight and fled into the night before he could be stopped.

The following night, the carnival -- oblivious to the fact that Oldow was the killer creature -- put on a free show at the military base where the Defender and Rusty's civilian identities were stationed at. That night, Oldow once more transformed into his monster form and go on yet another rampage. This time during his fight with the Defender and Rusty, he succeeded in knocking out the Defender and taking Rusty as his prisoner. Oldow took the boy to a nearby cliff and was about to throw Rusty down when the Defender showed up to rescue him. During the fight, the Defender knocked Oldow over the cliff, sending him to a bloody death on the jagged rocks below.[1]


When exposed to the light of the full moon, Oldow would undergo a transformation into a bestial form. The hair on his head would grow shoulder length, he would grow large fangs and clawed fingernails, taking on an feral wolf like appearance. The origins of these abilities are unknown, and appear to be similar to Lycanthropy; however, he does not appear to have all of the common traits and weaknesses that are common among typical werewolves.

Strength level

When in his bestial form, Oldow had above average human strength. He supposedly had peak strength normally; however; it's possible that given his profession, his feats of strength may have been faked.


When in his bestial form, Oldow loses complete control of his facilities and is consumed by a blood lust that drives him to kill everyone in his way.

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