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Dr. Oliver Broadhurst was the scientist who oversaw the attempt to create a reliable artificial man -- the X series. Unfortunately, nearly every model of the X program went insane, and had to be destroyed. Broadhurst decided to destroy all of the remaining robots, unaware that Dr. Stack had made model X-51 into an almost human being. The bomb Broadhurst activated killed Stack instead of X-51. X-51 was later caught and returned to Broadhurst, where he was placed in captivity. X-51 later broke out and Broadhurst let him.[1]

He met X-51 (now going by Machine Man) again when Peter Spalding brought him to help repair X-51 after the robot fought the Power Broker along side the Hulk. Even though he successfully repair Machine Man, he removed many of Machine Man's weapons systems. After that he along with Machine Man, Spalding, Colonel Kragg, and Senator Miles Brickman were buried beneath a cliff by an agent of Kublai Khan. Machine Man managed to rescue them all.[2]

Sometime later, Dr. Broadhurst served as a member of the Underground Legion, and constructed team member Wildwind.[3] During one mission, Wildwind was seemingly "killed", but later was reactivated. After a fight with Ultron, Sentry #459 was turned over to Broadhurst for study, at his insistence. He also studied team member Sparrow, who had been infected by Ultron's living circuitry. he warned her that the black box Ultron gave her to control her nervous system could prove addictive, but didn't listen to him.[4]

Dr. Broadhurst later passed away under unrevealed circumstances.[5]

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