Olivia Gocking is the wife of Roger Gocking, aka Porcupine. She and her daughter were kidnapped due to their connection to Roger. However, she was really manipulating him into committing thefts to pay for her while she stayed in Moon's Hollow, Upstate New York. Olivia was invited due to her relationship to Roger, and brought her daughter with her for a better home. After Spider-Woman found the community, informed Roger and had a fight with community founder Cat, Olivia gave up her machinations out of a deal for privacy with Spider-Woman, like everyone else in town. She permitted Roger to see their daughter on scheduled weekends.[1]

Following Roger's assumed death, Olivia tried to maintain composure planning his funeral. When Jess came to inquire leads on who could have killed him, Olivia let her know how angry she was with her. Olivia held Jess responsible as Roger wasn't around to help raise Kalie, and spent more time as Jess' babysitter, not caring about him until after the fact as Roger fell in love with Jess, and she never noticed. Bereft, Olivia demanded Jess exit her home.[2]

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