When both the Mad Viking and Man-Thing rampaged in Citrusville, Olivia Selby, a concerned parent believed that the text books that taught concepts outside her Christian point of view were to blame for the state of things. She gathered a mob with similar ideals to protest at the mayor's speech to the city following the apparent death of the Man-Thing. She took control of the speech, and demanded that all the offending books be burned. She worked the crowd into a frenzy, which was only amplified by the arrival of the Mad Viking, whose similar mindset made him a welcome addition and an additional leading force of the mob.
When Richard Rory tried to intervene, he was knocked out and Olivia led the group on a march toward her daughter's high school. There they gathered all the textbooks and set them on fire. During the entire episode, a science teacher was crippled when he was thrown out a window, and the Viking's own granddaughter was slain by his own hands. Olivia got her way and set the books ablaze. In the aftermath of the chaos, her own daughter decided to leave Citrusville with Richard Rory and the Man-Thing[1].


Olivia was a convincing public speaker who could take control of a crowd and feed their sense of outrage.

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