Little is known about Foxfire's life before her appearance as one of the members of the criminal Institute of Evil. She was apparently involved with her fellow Institute member Quagmire while she was a member of that group. Often clashing with the heroes of the Squadron Supreme, Foxfire was later subjected to the mind-altering behavior modification device used as part of the Squadron Supreme's "Utopia Program" whereupon she joined the Squadron.[1]

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Foxfire was later contacted by the ex-Squadron member Nighthawk to reverse the behavior modification, and once freed, she joined Nighthawk's team of superpowered Redeemers to fight the influence of the Squadron. Within a month, the Redeemers openly opposed the Squadron. However, Foxfire had developed a romantic relationship with Squadron member Doctor Spectrum during her time with the team, so she sided with the Squadron during the battle. Foxfire killed Nighthawk in the hopes of ending the fight, and was in turn killed by Nighthawk's lover, the Redeemer Mink.[2]

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Underwood had the power to project bioluminescent energy that weakened the molecular binding of matter, causing it to disintegrate. Her powers worked on both animate and inanimate objects. She was also able to use her bioluminescent energy to temporarily blind someone by projecting it around their eyes without disintegrating them.

Strength level

Foxfire possessed the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.

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