Olivier Batroc was a member of a group of French revolutionaries called the Cirque de la Revolution. Captain America, Bucky Barnes and the Howling Commandos, on a mission in France after beating a group Nazis and taking their weapons and uniforms, encountered Olivier and the Cirque de la Revolution. Olivier and his compatriots told them to stop, and because of their uniforms attacked them, thinking they were enemies, with Olivier taking the charge attacking Captain America right away. Nick Fury revealed who he was and stopped the fight between both groups revealing his true identity and telling everyone that they were actually allies, and that The Gypsy (Marilyne) the group leader was his contact in France.[1]

When the Howling Commandos were devising a plan to attack Red Skull's base camp at the Eiffel Tower, Olivier told them the base camp was actually in the Louvre Museum according to his sources because Adolf Hitler was interested in the art at the museum. Fury wasn't believing the story but ended up going there because Captain America said they couldn't let the Nazis destroy the museum, since it was an important part of French culture. On arriving at the Louvre, they realized this was a setup and that Olivier had allied with Baron von Strucker with the intent of saving his group, who he considered family, by delivering the Americans to him.[2] Strucker then betrays Olivier and tells him that the Americans would die that night but Olivier and his group would be sent to a concentration camp. Enraged, Olivier attacks Strucker, only to be shot in the chest by him. As he was dying, Olivier told Marilyne that he only did what he did to protect their family. He then asked her to take care of his grandson, and dies in her arms.[3]

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Olivier has no superhuman powers, but he is a master of savate, the French art of kickboxing.

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