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Olivier takes after his mother, Rogue, more than his father, having a quick temper and loving to fight. Although, he resembles his father (aside from the hair) as much as his sister, Rebecca, resembles their mother, ironically. Unlike his mother though, he is more interested in the martial arts than brawling, showing the same finesse and style in fighting as Remy and showing considerable skill given his age. It is clear that he has had training and practices often with his father. He also has shown to have his mother's powers of energy absorption, which led him to at some point permanently absorb the power of telepathy, which he hates. He also has shown very subtle signs of having his father's power of hypnosis, such as when he was able to calm Becka Munroe as she stares into his eyes, much like previous characters with his father's eyes.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


His powers are the Same of his mother, Rogue but he can control his powers just like Rogue does now.[citation needed]

  • Power Absorption: Olivier can absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality and physical abilities of another human being (or members of some sentient alien races) through physical skin-to-skin contact with other person. Unlike his mother, he has complete conscious control over his powers as well.[citation needed]
  • Telepathy: Permanently absorbed from an unknown source.[citation needed]
  • Flight: Olivier is able to fly, the extent of this ability is yet unknown.[citation needed]
  • Hypnotic Charm


Very skilled in martial arts.[citation needed]

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  2. In GeNext: United #5 Remy "adopt" No-Name. For all people except GeNext, Beast, Sati and Scanda, Anne-Marie now is Remy's daughter.
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