Quote1.png All Valhalla shall soon be vanquished also - and Ollerus the Unmerciful shall reign as God of Death! Quote2.png
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Ollerus the Unmerciful was a mighty military commander who sought to take Valhalla from Hela. He started to assemble an army which included two powerful sorcerers, Casiolena and Poppo the Cunning, and hid in a mountain shaped like a shark tooth in the hills of Valhalla. Once the Goddess of Death discovered about Ollerus' plan, she summoned Valkyrie, then with the Defenders in Midgard, to lead her own troops against the rebels. Poppo had a plan to recruit Valkyrie against Hela’s forces, turning the tide of battle to Ollerus’s favor. Amid a struggle between Hela and Ollerus' armies, the mountain moved; causing an earthquake that broke the battle up. Once Valkyrie discovered the origin of the shockwaves, she fell into a trap where Brunnhilde's body would be split from human host Barbara Norriss, who would then pose as Valkyrie.[1]

After locking Brunnhilde in a room, through the fake Valkyrie and his henchmen's magic, Ollerus was able to cast death upon many Midgardians, including Valkyrie's fellow Defenders Hulk, Nighthawk and Hellcat. This created an army as large as Hela's.[2] The new legions, specially due to the superpowered additions, gained the upper hand and even knocked out an escaped Valkyrie. However, once the Defenders realized the one that drafted them was actually Barbara Norriss, they defected to the underwhelmed Hela troops and gave an advantage. Witnessing this, Ollerus signaled to the mountain, which proceeded to move towards the battlefield; generating an earthquake. Hulk decided to smash the mountain, and upon the base's destruction, Ollerus was defeated. To ensure Ollerus' banishment to Niffleheim would not lead to further rebellion, Hela banished herself along, leaving Valhalla to Harokin.[3]


Like all Asgardians, Ollerus has superhuman strength, enough to beat Valkyrie in hand-to-hand combat. He also seems to enhance the powers of magic users.[2]


Ollerus is a mighty military commander and strategist who had no problem in convincing warriors to join his rebellion.


Ollerus wears a suit of armor, with a helmet shaped like a shark's head. He also possesses an army of undead warriors who wield medieval weapons.

The name Ollerus is the Latinized version of Ullr, a Norse God of archery and skiing.

His profile in the Appendix to the Marvel Handbook

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