28 "great cycles" (28,000 Earth years) after the reign of Oka'an, the Azure Throne of the Dark Dimension was occupied by the wizard-king Olnar, a descendent (how many times removed is unstated) of G'uran and Oka'an. Olnar foolishly thought of the ancient wars which had almost destroyed his people as "ancient glories" (instead of chaos and misery) and romantically dreamed of conquest. Then, Olnar gave sanctuary to two exiles and fugitives from the Faltine, Dormammu and Umar, who had assumed pleasant humanoid forms. Dormammu and Umar fanned Olnar's dangerous aspirations and showed him how to break down dimensional barriers, invade other realms and absorb them into the Dark Dimension. The revival of such war-like goals made Olnar increasingly unpopular with the Mhuruuks (Wizards) who still formed the ruling class of the Dark Dimension. Eventually, the wily Faltinians "helped" Olnar annex the neighboring dimension of the ever-hostile Mindless Ones (creations of Plokta), and Olnar was killed in the ensuing struggle, as had been Dormammu and Umar's purpose all along.

After Olnar's death, the Faltinians used the Mindless Ones invasion as an excuse to seize power, killed all the Mhuruuks who opposed them, and exiled the few who survived to the fringes of the Dark Dimension where they became known as Outcasts.[1]

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