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Olympia is the home of the Eternals from Earth. The Eternals' ancestral home was originally the city of Titanos.[citation needed]

At one time, the city of Olympia was sucked into the Negative Zone.[2]



  • Olympia has been located in Greece,[4] Antarctica,[5] and briefly the Negative Zone. It is currently located in Greece.[3]
  • Olympia's temporary relocation to the Negative Zone has been explained but no reason for why the city has seemingly changed locations from the mountains of Greece to Antarctica (and back) has yet been provided.
  • Although the mountain-top city of Olympia was visited multiple times during Eternals, nothing about its location was then revealed except that it was in a warmer region than that where the Polar Eternals lived and a community of humans lived not too far away. The fact that it was located in Greece was first stated in the Eternals entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4 and confirmed in-story in Avengers #246. Olympia was said to be located in Greece's Pindus mountain range in Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1.

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