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The ambrosia is the food of the gods.[3]

The Olympian Ambrosia is the key to the immortality shared by all Olympians and the source of their eternal vigor and resistance to the ravages of time that they must consume at regular intervals.[1] The recipe for the nectar and ambrosia belong to the Olympian Goddess of Youth Hebe, and Prince Ganymede.[1] The two of them possess the secrets of the nectar and solely create and deliver the nectar to the other Olympians as their Cup-bearers, by order of Zeus.[2] The Ambrosia is created using the Promethean Flame which if destroyed will sap the strength and youth of living Olympians everywhere.[2]

Thetis used ambrosia and red nectar to preserve the body of Patroclus during the Trojan War.[4]

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