Omaka led an unsuccessful coup on the Red King which was thwarted when she lost in battle to Caiera the Oldstrong.[4]

Years later, she briefly battled with Skaar before forming a mutual alliance in defeating a group of Wildebots.[5] As they followed the trail of the Wildebots for the technological source of the Old Power, the came to the city of Okini which was a free city that was lead by the still-alive Red King who had become a cyborg. Princess Omaka refused to believe that the Red King could become a hero and fled the city to join forces with Axeman Bone taking her guardsman, Kram, with her.[6]

Omaka continued her alliance with Axeman Bone and was made Queen by a simulacrum of the Hulk, raised by Caeira's Old Power to take down Skaar.[7] Her reign as Queen was short lived as Sakaar was destroyed and consumed by Galactus and she was forced to flee the planet in one of the Shadow Peoples Stone Ship's among the few other remaining survivors who came to be commanded by the Hulk's other son, Hiro-Kala.[8] Omaka travelled with him to the planet of Giausar which also possessed the Old Power, Hiro-Kala's actions began to worry Omaka and she worked with others to try and take Hiro-Kala down before he could continue destabilising the planet and risk its destruction. She was then killed by Hiro-Kala when the peoples of Giausar attempted to return her to him as a show of good faith in their bargaining with him.{[r

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