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In 1933, the Star of Capistan was discovered in the ruins of Dashetal by an unnamed man who became possessed by the Star and was transformed into the Red Rajah. Omar Karindu shot the Rajah and took possession of the Star for the Cult of the Unliving Four.[1]

Karindu was a close friend of Doctor Strange, and therefore approached the Sorcerer Supreme when the Cult could no longer control the Star. Strange, however, became mesmerized by the Star and was transformed into the Red Rajah, with all of Strange's powers at its command.[2] When the Defenders came to Karindu searching for their teammate, he informed them that Strange had been transformed by the Star. Karindu eventually found himself under control of the Star as well, as its power increased.[3] He was later freed from the control of the Star by the Defenders.[4]



It would appear that Karindu has some sort of mystical knowledge and ability. The exact nature and extent of which is uknown.

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