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Omar Khayam Rasch was a cult leader who was active in the 20th Century. By 1951 he had established his cult in the United States, using elements of the Muslim religion as the basis of his cult. He managed to gather a great following and used false prophecy and communication with the "gods" in order to keep his followers in line. He had all his members sign over insurance policy and bilked them of their material wealth, warning them that not making monetary offerings to the gods would lead to their deaths. Those who were no longer able to pay him he would claim that the gods had come to take their lives and secretly poison them.

Omar's activities soon came under the attention of the Consolidated Insurance Company who sent their agent Robert Grayson to investigate the cult as many of their policy customers had died after becoming members of the cult. Grayson went to the cult in his alter-ego of Marvel Boy. Omar accepted Marvel Boy's request for membership, and had the hero sign over his insurance policy -- unaware that it was phony and that Marvel Boy was attempting to expose his cult.

When Omar informed his followers that another of their members were destined to die, Marvel Boy attempted to talk Omar into helping but he refused, informing the hero that the woman had died already of a heart attack -- but in reality Omar had poisoned her. Marvel Boy attempted to play into the cults fear of the gods by asking Omar to learn his fate. Omar used trickery to make it appear as though he summoned the Prophet Mohammad and forged a phony "message" that proclaimed that Marvel Boy was destined to die. Marvel Boy later learned how Omar was killing his followers and then came back to Omar admitting her knew he was a fraud but promised to not tell anything so long as Omar gave him back his life insurance policy. The greedy Omar pretended to agree and gave Marvel Boy a poisoned drink unaware that the hero had immunized himself from the poison.

Omar then had his followers place Marvel Boy in a coffin and called his other followers. Marvel Boy then posed as a spirit, striking fear in Omar who confessed his crimes and tried to flee and ran right into the arms of the arriving authorities. Omar was sent to prison, his subsequent fate is unknown.[1]


Omar had no mystical abilities whatsoever, he used various gases and artificial devices to knock his followers out, and make it appear that he was summoning the gods.

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