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Real Name
Omar Mosely
Current Alias
Black Marvel
Living Status
Adventurer, Teacher
Human enhanced by an imperfect version of the Super-Soldier Serum
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Omar Mosely became the Black Marvel as part of the super-soldier program during World War II. It was originally intended that Dan Lyons would become the Black Marvel, but his father forbade it, and the opportunity was passed to Mosely. Along with the other volunteers, the Black Marvel formed the Six American Warriors.

Realizing the racial views of the day would not allow for a black man to be accepted as a masked hero, Mosely led people to assume it was Lyons behind the mask, posing as his chauffeur. This belief was even held by his teammates, who would not find out the real identity of the Black Marvel for years.

The Black Marvel embarked on many adventures with the American six. However, when they stumbled upon the Red Skull's doomsday plot, Captain America became trapped in a vortex along with the Skull. After the war ended, the remaining five warriors were ordered to disband, although Mosely vowed to find a way to free Cap. He studied for years but to no avail, and instead became a teacher.

Years later, the Six American Warriors (bar Captain America) were reunited when the Kingpin tried to acquire the Doomsday device. Along with Spider-Man, they set out to stop him. Eventually, the Red Skull was released from the vortex along with Captain America. The Red Skull transformed his son into Electro, but the Six American Warriors and Spider-Man defeated him, although Cap became trapped in the vortex again. After, the other five, including Omar, went back into retirement.

Powers and Abilities


As a member of the Six American Warriors, the Black Marvel (as well as the Destroyer) came closest to duplicating Captain America's powers after receiving the super soldier serum.


Since their powers wore off after a while, the six (bar Captain America) rationed their powers with rings.


  • He was voiced by Paul Winfield.
  • In mainstream reality, Lyons was actually the Black Marvel.
  • This Black Marvel wears a full-face mask to hide the twist.

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