Omar and his Dummy were petty thieves who were active in the 1940s. Omar had set up a ventriloquist act and his "Dummy" was really a midget in disguise. The pair became wildly popular, fooling audiences into thinking that Omar was a very talented ventriloquist. After one of their performances, the Dummy stole a necklace from a woman in the audience.

Unfortunately for the pair they pulled this brazen theft on the night that Private Detective Mark Mason had taken the Blonde Phantom on a date to see their show. The Blonde Phantom spotted the Dummy sneaking backstage but lost him. Accusing Omar, the phony ventriloquist had an alibi when one of the stage hands vouched that he was back stage the whole time. Later, the Blonde Phantom overheard Omar talking to the Dummy about the theft and burst into his dressing room. Unaware of whom he was talking to, the Blonde Phantom was taken by surprise and knocked out by the Dummy and locked into a trunk to suffocate. Omar and the Dummy then took on a request to perform at a charity ball intending to rob it. However, the Blonde Phantom arrived and exposed their scheme, bringing the police to arrest them.[1]

The fate of Omar and his Dummy are unknown.


The Dummy wore a disguise that made him look like a ventriloquists dummy.


The Dummy carried a pistol.

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