Omega is a giant android created by the Inhuman, Maximus, to lead a rebellion of the Alpha Primitives. Maximus was able to harness all of the secret guilt of the Inhumans over the enslavement of the Alpha Primitives. Creating Omega with this power, he used Omega to lead an assault on the Inhumans, causing an open war in Great Refuge.[1]

Crystal and the visiting Fantastic Four discovered the nature of Omega and Maximus' plan, explaining it to the crowd. When the Inhumans realized that their own guilt was the source of Omega's strength, they dealt with their feelings of prejudice, and Omega lost his power, becoming immobile.[1]

As a result Black Bolt (the leader of the Inhumans) enacted reforms so that all Inhumans would be treated equal.

Later, during the wedding of Pietro Maximoff and Crystal Amaquelin, he was controlled by Ultron and attacked the Avengers, but was finally defeated alongside Ultron.


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