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Armour was among a series of clones Thanos created to test the capabilities of potential enemies or allies.[1] After experiencing nihilistic and destructive qualities, Thanos considered the clones a failure and kept them in cold storage in one of his hideouts.[2]

After being freed from their containment's by a meteor, the clones decided to bring about the universe's end and believed that Adam Warlock was the key to this as he had made contact with Atlez, a cosmic being whose life kept the universe in existence, to find his successor. (This was actually a scheme concocted by Atlez to speed up Warlock's search for his successor.)[3][4]

While his fellow clones schemed against and fought various heroes and Thanos, Omega preferred to build up his power by feeding off planets like Galactus did.[2]

After sensing the awakening of Atlez's successor Atleza Langunn, Omega traveled to Earth to put an end to her. When Thanos teleported Atleza away to another planet, Omega chased them to that planet as well. Omega was then confronted by the various heroes that defeated his fellow clones. After destroying Omega's ship and Spider-Man blinding him with webbing, Thanos teleported everyone and himself back to Earth while he had a fleet of remotely-controlled ships fire upon Omega, killing Omega in a massive explosion.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Thanos and as well as those of Galactus. He was allegedly twice as powerful as Galactus.


Seemingly those of Thanos but likely not as intelligent.


Omega couldn't speak and had slow reflexes.



A replica of Galactus' Worldship


  • A "hybrid" of Thanos and Galactus.
  • Thanos stated that he collected the DNA used in Omega's creation from Galactus during the Infinity War event.[5]

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