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Omega Flight
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Created by the Master to battle Alpha Flight
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The second Omega Flight was formed by the Master, presumably to stop Alpha Flight from interfering with his plans again. Their individual origins (beyond Brain Drain) have yet to be revealed.

They first encountered Alpha Flight when Alpha faced the Hardliners in combat for the life of Albert Louis. They had, however, faced Beta Flight before that.

During the Infinity War, the Master launched a plan to release the Ska'ar into Toronto, in a bid to stop the mental assimilation launched by the Magus. Beta Flight was able to resist the maddening influence of the Ska'ar thanks to their mage, Witchfire. Realizing they would attempt to stop his plans, the Master set Omega Flight against them. The Betas, along with Windshear, were able to defeat Omega Flight, but the Master defeated them. The Ska'ar were forced back into their dimension when they turned on the Master.

Omega Flight was later used by the Master against Alpha Flight after he had tired Alpha Flight out by manipulating them into facing the Hardliners. During the battle, the Master of the World grew frustrated and attempted to kill both Alpha and Omega Flight but his effort was disrupted when Sasquatch threw Sinew at him. This disruption allowed Alpha Flight to rally for a period and defeat Omega Flight and, eventually, the Master. Omega Flight, defeated, seemed to disband. Some of its members have been seen since but most have remained either in hiding or in prison.[1]


Not related to the first Omega Flight or the team of heroes by the same name.

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