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  • James-Michael's android parents (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Synopsis for "Omega the Unknown"

James-Michael Starling is a withdrawn, highly-intelligent boy that has nightmares of a caped older version of himself fighting killer androids on another world. On the morning that his stilted, emotionless, analytical parents are to take him from the mountains to New York to start public schooling, they are in a car accident and James-Michael sees the severed mechanical head of his mother tell him that "it's dangerous to listen to the voices" before it disintegrates and he slips into a month-long coma.

When James-Michael wakes up in a hospital, he surprises the doctor and nurse with his calm and analytical take on his situation. Dr.Barrow is intrigued by the mystery of the boy and wants to observe him more, but is unable to convince the Hospital Board to fund his continued stay. Instead he gets his Nurse Ruth Hart to agree to take James-Michael in. James-Michael had closed himself off to Hart's attempts to talk to him, but upon meeting her more personable and clever room-mate Amber, he starts to open up.

That night, as James-Michael is about to go to sleep, one of the androids from his dreams crashes through the window and identifies the boy as a smaller version of the target he intends to kill. Before the android can carry out the assassination, the caped man from James-Michael's dreams arrives to fight it off. At a critical moment, James-Michael blasts the android with energy from his hands, just as the caped man did in his dream. Smiling, the caped man leaves with the broken android. Dr.Barrow finally arrives in the demolished room and notices that the burns left on James-Michael's hands are in the shape of the Greek letter Omega.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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