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  • Barrow Clinic
  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Ruth and Amber's apartment - 431 44th St.
    • 9th Ave.
      • Rose & Bob's Candy Store
      • Gramps' Second-Hand Shop

Synopsis for "Welcome To Hell's Kitchen!"

Barrow believes the destruction of James-Michael's room and the brands on his palms to be inflicted by James-Michael in a delusional rage, a new facet of his abnormal mental state that the doctor is determined to study. Meanwhile, Electro had witnessed some of the battle between the Unknown and the android and attacks the alien, stealing the android's remains for his own purposes.

The next day, Amber and Ruth move James-Michael into their apartment in Hell's Kitchen, giving him a crash course on the local squalor and depravity. That night, the Unknown encounters some men robbing a pawn store and fights them off, catching a bullet in his shoulder in the process, a pain that is felt by James-Michael not far away. The Unknown's heroism is appreciated by the store's owner, "Gramps", who treats his wound and offers him a place to stay and work, not minding such a silent conversation partner to keep him company.

The day after that, Amber, Ruth, and James-Michael go out to get egg creams at a shop nearby the pawn store. Bruce Banner also happens to be in the area, passed out near an alley after the Hulk left the Central Park Zoo. After getting pushed around by vagrants claiming he's taken their spot, Banner changes back into the Hulk and starts to rampage, endangering James-Michael and spurring the Unknown into action to protect him. As a photographer, Amber enthusiastically takes pictures of the battle. The fight is ended by the sudden arrival of Electro, whose electric blast knocks both the Unknown and Hulk out and abducts the Unknown to help repair the android he took earlier. At the same time, James-Michael falls unconscious and is near-death, as if struck by lightning.


  • Omega's confrontation with the Hulk takes place on the same day as Defenders #35, and Defenders #36 picks up about an hour after Hulk's departure.

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