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Appearing in "Cats and No Dogs!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Teresa Mendez (First appearance)
  • her fiancé (Only in flashback) (Death)
  • Nick Delbello
  • Mr.Lucien
  • Principal Anderson


Synopsis for "Cats and No Dogs!"

When James-Michael arrives for his second day at school, Dian gifts him with a copy of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in hopes that it will help make things more bearable for him. When he's accosted by Nick and his gang again, Dian gets them to back off. She and Nedly let James-Michael know that the bullies only pick on kids they can outnumber, so it's best to stay in groups. Later in Chemistry class, Nick switches some flasks when the teacher isn't looking as a prank. James-Michael tries to inform the teacher that his demonstration will lead to a violent accident, and when he refuses to acknowledge this, Nedly dives in to throw the newly mixed chemicals out the window before they explode, burning his hand in the process. The teacher takes James-Michael and Nedly to the Principal's office, blaming them for the prank, but the kids make the principal see that the teacher's negligence was more at fault. They're sent on their way to their next class but just as Nedly is feeling empowered by his new friend, he finds himself alone in the halls against Nick and his gang, who believe Nedly ratted him out to the Principal.

Meanwhile, Omega rescues a woman falling from the 59th Street Bridge. Unable to comprehend whether the act of suicide is reasoned, accepted, or justified on this world, he speaks his first word to ask her the question, "Why...?". He takes her to Gramps' Pawn Shop to recover where she introduces herself as Teresa Mendez, and explains that she has been cursed by violent misfortune ever since she attempted to walk out on her late mother's debts to her hometown's local brujo, El Gato. Gramps, calling Omega "Sam" since the mysterious man won't speak enough to say his real name, has him go for a walk while he tries to console Teresa. Omega returns later to find Gramps panicking about Teresa being abducted by a departing limo. Omega stops the car and out steps El Gato, who keeps the hero at bay with an array of mystic powers, including manipulating a horde of stray cats to attack him. Gramps opens a fire hydrant to chase the cats away, and El Gato confidently invites Omega to consult with Teresa in the car. In a hypnotic state, Teresa claims she's going with El Gato of her own free will. Seeing no alternative, Omega allows them to drive away.

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