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John Nedley stumbles into the school cafeteria and collapses, beaten nearly to death by Nick and his gang. Amidst the ensuing panic, the voices in James-Michael's head grow intense and he recognizes the word "revenge" coming from the thoughts of his classmate, Tank. Later that day, after helping Amber negotiate with J.Jonah Jameson for her pictures of Omega and the Hulk, James-Michael tries to describe his experiences with the voices to Amber over egg creams. He starts to hear the voice of Ruth, talking about someone named "Richard" and getting an image of "something vaguely human". To Amber's surprise, he starts to describe this just as she spots Ruth walking by the Candy Store window. James-Michael asks if Dr. Barrow can arrange for him and Dian to visit John in the hospital. They're allowed to go in and see their friend hovering in critial condition. While they're at the hospital, another badly beaten young man is wheeled in on a stretcher and Dian and James-Michael recognize him as Nick.

Meanwhile, Omega follows El Gato's car to a neighborhood in the Lower East Side. El Gato escorts the hypnotized Teresa into his building and announces to his followers that Teresa will become his bride after the Ritual of Purification. Omega sneaks into the building and investiagtes El Gato's private study, only to be assaulted by spectral cats emerging from the arcane items protecting the room. Omega tries to fight back, but the omega symbols on his palms appear upside-down, causing his power to be turned inward on himself. He wakes up much later outside the Pawn Shop, unsure of how to proceed against a foe that uses such inexplicable abilities. He goes inside and starts looking at the supposedly magic trinkets on display, prompting Gramps to describe his theory on how magic works, that it relies more on faith than knowledge. Inspired, Omega returns to El Gato's lair, interrupting the Ritual of Purification just before El Gato can brand his symbol to Teresa's forehead, forever sealing her to his will. El Gato sends monstrous doppelgangers of his followers after the intruder, but this time Omega is able to adapt his mind to the illusions and defeats them all. El Gato then transforms into a were-jaguar to fight Omega himself, but Omega overpowers him and knocks him out. Teresa, suddenly freed from control and rushing with vengeful purpose, takes the brand meant for her and burns El Gato's mark upside-down into his own forehead, forever sealing his powers and turning them inwards on himself, driving him mad with the horror of his own illusions.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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