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Appearing in "A Blast from the Past"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "A Blast from the Past"

Ruth takes Amber and James-Michael with her to greet Richard Rory arriving in town at the bus station. As they head back to the apartment, they're unaware they're being stalked by the Foolkiller until Rory receives an envelope with a card informing him that he and his companions have 24 hours to live.

Meanwhile, Nitro has reappeared and is looking for revenge against Captain Marvel, briefly mistaking Omega for his prey. Angered by the villain's attack, Omega chases him to a warehouse filled with Stark technology where Nitro hopes to draw out Iron Man, and his friend Captain Marvel in turn. Omega engages him in battle, ending it by clamping a titanium tube over Nitro just before he explodes, causing him to shoot his atoms up into the sky, but also causing the ceiling to collapse on Omega.


  • Starting in this issue, Omega starts speaking to people in complete sentences with little provocation. In previous issues he only rarely broke his vow of silence, and only for one to three deliberate words at a time.

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