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Appearing in "Fightin' Fools!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Richard Rory
  • Tommy (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Bruno (First and only known appearance; dies)


Synopsis for "Fightin' Fools!"

James-Michael collapses in fever due to his link to the buried Omega. He recovers as Omega frees himself, allowing Richard Rory to go back to worrying about the warning from the Foolkiller he received. His fears are briefly alleviated when "Foolkiller" walks into the room and reveals himself to be Greg, Rory's old cellmate to whom he had described the previous Foolkiller. For a moment it looks like the entire thing was a prank, but then Greg demonstrates his atomizing weapon and makes it clear he intends to take up the Foolkiller's cause, only defining "fools" along more secular and poetic lines than his religious zealot predecessor.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Omega is becoming more and more swayed by the petty and heartless pursuits of humanity he's witnessed in Hell's Kitchen. He asks Gramps to lend him all his money and then flies to the Shopping District to buy a suit. Before he can enter the shop, Blockbuster bursts out of the jewelry store next door, running from another robbery. Omega is ready to ignore the crime until he hears the store's owner offer a thousand dollar reward to anyone who can stop the thief. Now that he suddenly values monetary gain, Omega pursues Blockbuster to the Rockefeller Center, and eventually back to the Pawn Shop. The battle is ended by the intervention of Foolkiller, who disintegrates Blockbuster and leaves after warning Omega that he may still pass the death verdict to him as well.

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