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The Omegadrive is a piece of technology created by Midas Corporation as its "leverage point" from a torn costume piece of the Fantastic Four recovered from one of their battles. Using the Unstable Molecules contained within the costume piece, it contains billions of gigs of confidential information about the operations of Midas Corp and five different terrorist and criminal organizations, A.I.M., Hydra, Agencé Byzantine, Secret Empire and the Black Spectre.[1]

After Daredevil stole it from Mr. Zachary of Roxxon Oil, he became the crime world's most wanted man. Daredevil used the data from the device to shut Black Spectre down. Later, following the battle that he, Spider-Man, and The Punisher fought against the other organizations and as well as other criminal groups,[2] Daredevil got involved in protecting the Omegadrive from another attempt from the criminal groups attempting to steal it back. During the struggle, Black Spectre appeared and took it back. It was later revealed that Daredevil had some of his teammates in the New Avengers masquerade as Black Spectre to make it look like they were still active in an attempt to be able to draw the heat off Daredevil and get them off his back. The Omegadrive was last mentioned to have been handed back to Reed Richards for him to draw more data off of it.[3]


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