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Quote1.png We Omegans were an accident, Phaa...The product of Alpha's search for a cure to his own albinism...But we are superior; our logic is unencumbered by emotion or ego. Alpha no longer values our perfection...He thinks to make us obsolete. Quote2.png

The Omegans are a minions of Dr. Hywell Griffin.


The Omegans were created by accidentally by Dr. Hywell Griffin while he was searching to cure his albinism. The five Omegans were beings of only logic with no emotions, giving them a drone like appearance. The Omegans were conditioned to be obedient to Griffin, who they call Alpha.[1]

While researching the Gryphon and the assassinations of their siblings, Wallop along with Crimson Crusader and Imp into the Griffin Technologies Research Complex where they were ambushed by Alpha and the Omegans.[2] Due to their mental conditioning, the Omegans were especially susceptible to Cuckoo's telepathic suggestion. When Cuckoo and Samantha Hasard, they quickly defeated the Omegans.[2]

After their defeat, the Omegans trained to strike back at the Clan Destine.[3]

When Griffin received a tip about Clan Destine anonymously from Guild, he and the Omegans began surveillance of Ravenscroft.[4] They also began experimenting with ways to neutralize the powers of Clan Destine.[5] Griffin's obsession with revenge led Raee to believe his flawed logic was leading him to try to replace the Omegans and become superhuman himself.[1][6]

Releasing the clones of Wallop, Crimson Crusader, and Imp led to the capture of Wallop, Argent, and Cuckoo.[7] However, Raee rebelled against Alpha's command to torture their prisoners. During a brief scuffle, Griffin was accidentally imbued with immense magical power. As Super-Griffin quickly defeated Clan Destine, Adam Destine and Elalyth arrived to protect their children. Adam depower Griffin and deaged him to an infant and left him in the care of the Omegans.[6]


  • On his website, creator Alan Davis said "There are five Omegans named-- Noe, Raee, Mai, Phaa and Giee. I based the names on an eastern variation (five tone) of the familiar Musical scale (seven tone) doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah and te. Fourteen years ago, when I did all of the research for the Clandestine, I used a reference library, with actual books, and the only record I have of the scale is a handwritten note. I believe my note to be accurate but I haven’t been able to discover any information that matches my list, of the eastern tonal progression, in any online search. I’d be interested in any information that might point me in the right direction."[8]

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