Omegron was the name of one of the two pieces the Alpha/Omega was split into after it collided with Galactus' Incubator, causing the Big Bang, with the other piece being the Alphex. In that moment, the two pieces were sent hurtling to the opposite ends of Eternity. However, ever since then they had been heading back toward each other. And if the Omegron and Alphex were to ever rejoin, the entire universe would fold back inside itself.

Big Bang from Silver Surfer Vol 8 10 001

Separation into Omegron and Alphex

When Omegron and Alphex were close to reuniting at the center of the universe, Galactus kept them at bay using all of his power. In order to prevent the universe's early death, he summoned the Silver Surfer and his companion, Dawn Greenwood. The Surfer took Omegron, Dawn held on to Alphex, and both were subsequently sent by Galactus to opposite sides of the universe to tether each object to the outer walls of existence. The heroes were successful, and bought the universe a new life cycle.[1]


  • Galactus originally planned for only Omegron to be returned to its original place, until Dawn Greenwood offered to lend a hand and take care of Alphex.[1]

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